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Gristle King - Education Course Bundle Pack

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Nik Hawks, also known as Gristle King has become a pillar in the Helium Community over the past few years. His passion for helping others and dedication to the community is an amazing sight to see. Nik has been, and will continue to be a valuable resource for growing the people's network.

Intro To Helium + HeliumVision Master Class
By joining the Helium community you have become part of a global force whose mission is to revolutionize the wireless industry. By installing your miner you are not only helping to build the people's network, but also creating an infrastructure that thousands of products will run on. The most important decision you will make is where to install your hotspot. By utilizing HeliumVision you will be able to run simulations and understand all of the variables that are involved in finding the most 'optimized location' to install your miner. This is a valuable resource whether you are deploying one hotspot or a fleet. 

Are you a new member of the Helium community or just looking to brush up on the principal concepts of Helium? Then look no further, this course is perfect for you. With over 15 lessons, you will not only learn the basic concepts of the Helium Network, but also fundamentals of hotspot optimization. This includes what type of equipment upgrades to get and how to find the best locations for installs.

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