Nebra Batch 4 & 5 Refund FAQ

We are proactively refunding Batch 4 & 5 Nebra Pre-Orders. You will still maintain your place in line and will be able to purchase miners as they become available to us based on your order number. 

Please note, no action is required on your part besides making the payment if you choose to purchase a new miner.

Why was my money refunded? 

  • Due to these pre-orders being over 90 days old, our credit card processors have closed the gateway on our end, which restricts our ability to process refunds. Also given the uncertainty of product sku and delivery timelines for Nebra's original miner, we thought it was best to initiate a refund and allow you to choose to continue to wait for a Nebra miner or purchase a miner from a different manufacturer. 
What batch is included in this refund process? 
  • Batch 4 & 5
Will I still have the same order number?
  • You will still have the same order number, it will be modified though ending in a single letter such as A, B, C etc. 
What happens if my credit/debit card is expired or was cancelled, will I still get my refund?
  • We can only process refunds back to the original payment method on file for credit and debit cards. If this card is no longer valid (expired, canceled, etc.) we will process the refund and you will need to contact your bank or credit card company to retrieve the refund. We will provide you with a transaction ID which you will give to your bank. If the refund fails to process on our end for a specific order, we will reach out to the customer directly to coordinate further action.
Can you refund the payment to a different credit card 
  • No, we can only process refunds to the original payment method.
How long until I receive my refund?
  • This is a manual process that may take up to a few weeks to complete. There is no further action needed on your part. 

I didn’t want to cancel my Order!
  • We apologize for this inconvenience, you will be able to reinstate your order without losing your place in line and your original purchase price will be honored if you choose to purchase an original Nebra Miner (indoor or outdoor) Our Core Team has been working diligently to procure miners from additional manufacturers as well to offer to our blanket refund customers as alternatives, these miners will be sold at their current market price.
When is my hotspot shipping?!
  • Currently, at this time, we do not have a definitive delivery date for Nebra Miners. We will be offering miners to our blanket refund process customers as they become available to us, and we will go in order based on order number. 
What happens if I already requested my order to be canceled?
  • If you have not already received a refund for your canceled order you will be included in this blanket refund process.
What happens if I have already been in contact with your CS team regarding a refund?
  • If you have not received your refunded funds then you will be included in this blanket refund process.
What if I purchased a miner and an antenna or other accessories, will I be refunded for just my miner?
  • Your whole order is going to be refunded
Will you honor the purchase price of my antennas and accessories?
  • Yes. 
Can I modify my order?
  • No, we can not add or subtract or modify the order. It will be a duplicate of your original order. If you would like to add anything to this order, please submit a new order.
What payment methods will be accepted if I reinstate my order? Will it be crypto-only?
  • You will be able to make payments using any of the following payment methods we currently accept including Credit Card and Crypto.
How will I know when to reinstate my order? 
  • Please click here to learn how this blanket refund process will be executed. 
If I place a chargeback, will I be able to reinstate my order?
  • If your chargeback has been processed, we are unable to reinstate your order. If your chargeback has not been processed and you cancel your chargeback, then we are able to reinstate your order.