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5G Mounting Bundle

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Quickly and easily setup your Helium 5G Baicell small cell outdoors with the Parley Labs Quick Start 5G Mounting Bundle.

The Parley Labs Quick Start 5G Mounting Bundle comes with all the necessary items (minus the mounting screws) to get your Baicell small cell secured and installed outdoors to be SAS approved. Or you can customize your install by mounting an additional pole (not included) to the J pole for extended height and coverage.

Bundle Contents:

  • 1 x J Pole
  • 1 x 50ft Cat6 Outdoor Rated Ethernet Patch Cable
  • 2 x 5ft Cat6 Ethernet Patch Cable 

Note: Mounting screws are not included. It is recommended to contact your local hardware store expert to find the appropriate screws for your installation surface (wood, cement, brick, metal, etc).

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