(Exclusive Offer) RAK Outdoor Accessory Starter Kit - Parley Labs

(Exclusive Offer) RAK Outdoor Accessory Starter Kit

Parley Labs
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Special Accessory Kit

Kit Includes:

  • (Select)Rak Antenna (5 or 8)
  • Rak Lightning Arrestor
  • Rak Outdoor Enclosure
  • (Select) N Female to N Male LMR 200 Cable Length (5,15,50)

Looking to upgrade the antenna for your Helium HNT Hotspot or IoT Gateway? Look no further, these fiberglass antennas will help to boost your LoRa signal and increase your network coverage. 

Compatible with Helium OG hotspots, Nebra, RAK V2, Bobcat 300, SenseCAP M1, SyncroB.it, and other IoT compatible gateways. 

Fiberglass Antenna Highlights:

  •     RAK second generation high performance omnidirectional monopole
  •     Can be used in the US, Canada or Australia (915 Frequency)
  •     Frequency Range: 860 – 930
  •     Size: 800mm ± 10mm

This Kit Comes With:

  •     1x Antenna
  •     1x 12” Pigtail interface converter (N-Type Female to RP-SMA Male)
  •     2x Mounting brackets

If you are looking to connect your antenna to a distance longer than 12 inches you will need to purchase the proper cable. The recommended cable for longer distances is LMR-200 with RP-SMA male to N-Type Female connectors.

Note:  Hotspot Miner are not included in the Outdoor Enclosure Kit.
The provided PoE Injector and Splitter are not Gigabit (1000Mbps) Ethernet capable. They are 10/100Mbps devices, working only with 10/100Mbps ports on routers and switches.
In case you want to use a 1000Mbps switch or router to provision your hotspot, you need to source a Gigabit Ethernet capable PoE injector and splitter.

Industrial Die-Cast Aluminum Design

Designed to withstand the toughest of environments, this enclosure is made of Industrial Die-Cast Aluminum. It is rated IP67/NEMA-6, making it completely protected from dust ingress and submergible up to 1m in water.

Complete documentation of this product can be found on RAKWireless website documentation page.

Thermal Characteristics

  • Enclosure seal operating temperature range: -60°C to 230°C
  • Heat Trap: +6.5°C under full sun exposure (~ 100,000 Lux)
  • Temperature raise using a 5-10W heat source: +5.5°C

Outdoor Enclosure Kit for RAK Hotspot

    • Outdoor Enclosure Kit
    • Ethernet gland
    • PoE splitter Type-C USB (in 48 V; out 5 V/2.4 A)
    • PoE injector (in 100-240 V; out 48 V/0.5 A)
    • US 120v Power cord for the PoE Injector
    • Zip tie, PVC tape, and waterproof tape
    • Antenna cable type RG1.32, with N-type to RP-SMA male connectors.

Supported Products

  • RAK Hotspot 
  • MNTD Hotspot

If you are into DIY, this enclosure can be retrofitted for other Helium Network Hotspots with minor adjustments made.

Lightning Arrestor

This is a surge protective device for securing transceivers against over-voltage and surge current induced by bolts of lightning. 

For the purpose of protecting the indoor equipment and circuitry connected to the LoRa gateway, you need to install an Ethernet Port Surge Protection Device (SPD).

We recommend installing a lightning arrestor on all N-type antenna terminals including LoRa, LTE, and 2.4G Wi-Fi antennas. Please refer to the technical manual for wire type and gauge recommendations.

Key Features

Connector Type: N-type male to N-type female
Impedance: 50 Ω
Frequency range: 0-2700 MHz
Power loss 0-2000 MHz: ≤ 0.2 dB
Ingress protection: IP67
Nominal discharge current In: 10 kA
Maximum discharge current Imax: 20 kA
Voltage protection Level Up: ≤ 1200 V


Product Weight: Approximately 180g

Product Dimension: 68mm x 21mm