Limited Edition: 34.24 INCORRECT PASSWORD Black T Shirt - Parley Labs

Limited Edition: 34.24 INCORRECT PASSWORD Black T Shirt

Parley Labs
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Own a part of Parley Labs history with our Limited Edition 34.24 T-Shirts. The infamous RAK V1.5 drop will go down in history as the biggest upset of Parley Labs drop history! We thank everyone who participated in our 34.24 Meme contest to help put a fun spin on this wild situation. 

What Happened: 

On the night of 9/22 one of the security protocols we have in place failed us; adding an additional layer of security to the drop-by password protecting each individual product, with the password being none other than 34.24 (This is why you are seeing the 34.24 memes online). Once we noticed this protocol was enabled we quickly stopped the drop. We relaunched round 2 and again bot orders were placed. We canceled those orders and will be launching our round 3 RAK V1.5 drop today and are excited to offer these limited edition 34.24 shirt styles as well.

  • Sizes Available: Small, Medium, Large, XLarge, XXLarge
  • (These shirts are 100% cotton)